by Stenographer

Produced by Rocco DeRosa

Basics recorded at The Noise Floor with Chris Chase

Piano at Dimensions Sound with Dan Cardinal

Mixed by Brian Scheuble

Mastered By Andy Wilson

Stenographer is a budding collaboration between two long-time friends and musical partners, Rocco DeRosa and Elizabeth Vaughan. Formerly of Boston-based indie rock group The Naked Stills, Rocco met Elizabeth (formerly of precisely zero bands) at an open mic in 2012 and they soon began performing together in Do I Do, a wedding band still gigging in high gear to this day. After a few years of belting covers at raucous receptions, Rocco and an initially timid Elizabeth took a stab at recording some of her originals (which ultimately became an EP optimistically titled Start With These Words).

As the recording process unfolded, so too did a mutual enthusiasm for co-creating. Many shows and studio hours later, Rocco and Elizabeth are excited to present their eponymous debut EP, Stenographer, slated for release in late June of 2018. Born of shared love of RnB, jazz, classic rock, and folks, and infused with probably way too many feelings, these songs are their own form of musical stenography, melodic shorthand for love and loss. Hopefully they're just the first of many to come.

Tall Heights

"River" by Joni Mitchell, was recorded and performed live by Tall Heights at Rocco's Lone Orpha Studio, just north of Boston. Rocco was the recording engineer on this project.


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Is This Us?

by Anna Snow

Produced by Rocco DeRosa

Recorded at 37’ Productions with Sean McLauglin

Mixed by Brian Packer

Mastered by Mark Donahue

After moving to Somerville, Massachusetts in 2013, Anna Snowjoined forces with guitarist Chris Keifferto hone her sound and create her own style of ambient-folk music. Since teaming up, the duo has played countless shows around the Boston area including stops at Arts At The Armory and The Burren in Somerville, as well as the Lizard Lounge, The Lily Pad, and The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge.

Snow and Keiffer complement each other’s sound perfectly, allowing them to move beyond the typical singer-songwriter and folk paradigms. Snow has a strong voice that floats nicely over the top of her songs, which paired with Keiffer’s tasteful guitar licks, leads to an infectious sound. Local singer-songwriter and engineer Rocco DeRosaproduced Is This Us, and gave it a tight, driving, yet ambient tone.

Snow connects with listeners through deeply personal lyrics about family, the in-between places of love, and hope for loved ones in distress. Her voice is filled with such passion and sincerity that listeners hang on her every word.

Along with Keiffer’s evocative guitar voicings and aesthetic riffs Snow’s music is able to transport listeners to another place.


Start With These Words

by Elizabeth Vaughan

Produced by Rocco DeRosa

Recorded at Dimensions Sound with Dan Cardinal

Mixed by Brian Packer

Mastered by Mark Donahue

Elizabeth has been in love with music since the age of two when she would demand that her mother sing through the entire catalog of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes for hours a day. Piano lessons came next, then choir and afternoons spent imitating the vocal stylings of her idols. Ella Fitzgerald. Joni Mitchell. This is Elizabeth's debut album. Basics were recorded at Dimensions Sound and postproduction was recorded at Rocco's studio, Lone Orpha. Rocco recorded, produced and played guitar, keys, and aux percussion on this record.



by The Naked Stills

Produced by Rocco DeRosa and Chris Chase

All basics recorded at The Noise Floor with Chris Chase

All vocals recorded by and mixed by Brian Packer

Mastered by Dana White

Rocco was the co-writer and co-producer on the 2012 debut release of The Naked Stills, Cochecho. He wrote all lyrics and performed all vocals, rhythm guitar and lead guitar on "My Dream".












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